Racing Stables

The Stirling Brook Racing Stable is primarily a venue for our future broodmares. Each year we acquire several yearling fillies in the hope they will fulfill their potential on the racetrack and thus qualify for retention in our broodmare band. This practice allows us to continually refresh the gene pool in our breeding operation. Occasionally we retain one of our home-bred fillies to race with the ultimate intention of returning her as a broodmare, to carry on her family bloodlines in our band.


PHOTO FANTASY 6,M-T Classic Photo Tintern Del S. Miller
REAL HOUSEWIFE 4,M-T Ken Warkentin Latest Scoop Kyle Spagnola
MAVEN 4,M-T Glidemaster M Stewart Jonas Czernyson
LAUDERDALE 3,G-T Deweycheatumnhowe Dornello Jonas Czernyson
SWEET SWEET ROSCO 3,G-P The Panderosa Sweet Sweet Sweet Del S. Miller
ASHLEY’S HUSBAND 3,G-P Henry Clay Zeta Kyle Spagnola
THISTLE DHU 3,F-T Donato Hanover Yankee Topaz Del S. Miller
SHARED PAST 3,F-T Chocolatier Armbro Déjà Vu Ron Burke
MISTERY WOMAN 3,F-T Donato Hanover My Dolly’s Dream Jonas Czernyson
STIRLING BRIGADE 3,C-P Art Major Belle Reve Jim Arledge
TO THE QUESTION 2,F-T Credit Winner Southwind Flanders Steve Smith
MAVIS 2,F-T Glidemaster Dream Angel Del S. Miller
MAIDEN KNIGHT 2,F-T Conway Hall Galahad’s Damsel Steve Smith
LADY VIOLET 2,F-T Donato Hanover Flash Lightning Paul Kelley
UP FRONT DAISY 2,F-P Dragon Again She’s A Daisy Jim Arledge
SOUTHERN ACCENT 2,F-P Well Said Northern Cameo Jim Arledge
PARVENU 2,F-P Art Major Society’s Child Ed Hart
MEDUSA 2,F-P Bettor’s Delight Mythical Kyle Spagnola
LOOK CLOSE 2,F-P Art Official Observe Me Del S. Miller
IN THE PINK 2,F-P Dragon Again Bold Pink Kyle Spagnola
STIRLING CITADEL 2,C-T Glidemaster Diamondsonbroadway Jim Arledge
STIRLING CADET 2,C-T Conway Hall Godiva Hanover Paul Kelley
SPECIAL ENVOY 2,C-T Yankee Glide Peaceful Way Jonas Czernyson
RANNOCH MOOR 2,C-T Muscles Yankee Loch Katrine Steve Smith
MOUNTAIN DEWEY 2,C-T Deweycheatumnhowe Kidman Hall Jonas Czernyson
SWEAT EQUITY 2,C-P Well Said Incredible Beauty Kyle Spagnola
STIRLING COMMANDO 2,C-P Well Said Fast Princess John Ryan Melsheimer