Name Sire Dam Sire of Dam Color Sex D/O/B
Stirling Eclipse Credit Winner Superior Glide Yankee Glide Brown Colt 2/2/2013
Stirling Explorer Well Said Ain’t That Funny Sealed N Delivered Bay Colt 2/2/2013
Stirling Empress Donato Hanover Arch Magic Kadabra Bay Filly 2/17/2013
Stirling Enforcer Glidemaster Marion Michelle Broadway Hall Bay Colt 2/22/2013
Stirling Emissary Credit Winner Melrose Abbey Muscles Yankee Brown Colt 2/27/2013
Stirling Ecstasy Credit Winner Scottish Starlet Angus Hall Bay Filly 3/10/2013
Stirling Ensign Art Major City Delight Bettor’s Delight Bay Colt 3/12/2013
Stirling Erotica Americam Ideal Chocolate Art Artiscape Bay Filly 3/21/13
Stirling Escort Roll With Joe Lovin A Fool Western Ideal Grey Colt 3/22/2013
Stirling Electra Roll With Joe B So Lucky Artiscape Bay Filly 3/21/13
Stirling Euphoria Western Ideal Chattanooga Real Artist Bay Filly 3/26/13
Stirling Elvira Glidemaster Godiva Hanover Malabar Man Bay Filly 5/6/2013