Stirling Brook Farms was established in 2008 and provides the most modern, state-of-the-art breeding farm in New York state. The farm consists of 136 acres of land located 18 miles southeast of Saratoga Springs in Easton, New York. A former dairy farm, the fields had been leased out for corn and hay production since the dairy ceased operations in the 1970’s. Located in the Hudson River Valley, we are blessed with excellent soil, abundant water and terrific views. A mutli-million dollar construction project was started in May of 2008 and will be completed during the summer of 2009. The features of this project include:

Foaling – Yearling Prep Barn features 24 stalls measuring 14′ X 14′

Broodmare Barn features 40 12′ X 12′ stalls

Paddocks & Pastures all with RAMM FLEX-FENCE plastic fencing to provide safe and secure enclosures. Water is provided by Nelson automatic waterers.