Pacing Mares

Name Sire Dam Grandsire Record Earnings Bloodlines
Ab Fab Western Ideal Lady Ashlee Ann Camtastic Unraced  Click Here
Ain’t That Funny Seled N Delivered Fancy Creek Funny Sportsmaster p,3,1:56.2f $23,029   Click Here
B So Lucky Artiscape Hornby Lucky Dexter Nukes Unraced   Click Here
Chattanooga Real Artist Eveninsummerbreeze Dragon’s Lair p,3,1:54.1f $34,773   Click Here
Child’s Play Cam’s Card Shark Duck Duck Goose Goalie Jeff p,2,1:53.1f $61,402   Click Here
Chocolate Art Artiscape White Chocolate Presidential Ball p,3,1:53.1f $237,378   Click Here
City Delight Bettor’s Delight Western City Western Hanover p,2,1:54.2h $160,307   Click Here
Evening Jet Jet Laag C’Mon Ashley Flight Director p,3,1:55h $101,526   Click Here
Lovin A Fool Western Ideal Neverhaveneverwill Big Towner Unraced   Click Here
Sugar Sugar Artsplace Speed Dialing No Nukes p,2,2:00.1h $8,192   Click Here

Trotting Mares

Name Sire Dam Grandsire Record Earnings  Bloodlines
Abbey Craig Muscles Yankee Garland Bonita Garland Lobell 4,1:54 $219,817 Click Here
Arch Magic Kadabra Armbro Archer S J’s Photo $0 Click Here
Chocolateseduction Chocolatier Seducer Hall Garland Lobell Unraced $0 Click Here
Classact Volo Deweycheatumnhowe Classic Winner American Winner Unraced $0 Click Here
Diamondsonbroadway Broadway Hall Hadine Angus Promising Catch 3,1:54.4 $86,506 Click Here
Godiva Hanover Malabar Man Chocolate Layered Valley Victory 3,1:59.2f $18,865 Click Here
Heavenly Chocolate Chocolatier Hallmarker T Angus Hall $0 Click Here
Holier Than Thou Cantab Hall Sunday Yankee Muscles Yankee 3,1:53.1f $140,998 Click Here
I’m On Cloud Nine Angus Hall Celebrity Angel Yankee Glide 3,1:54.2 $212,890 Click Here
Marion Michelle Broadway Hall Sofia Letsgo Donerail 3,1:57.4h $41,465 Click Here
Mauresmo Windsong’s Legacy Wimbledon American Winner $0 Click Here
Melrose Abbey Muscles Yankee Real Live Woman Angus Hall $0 Click Here
Muchness Yankee Glide Armbro Niagara Balanced Image $20,376 Click Here
Scottish Starlet Angus Hall NY Starlet Lindy Lane 3,1:58.1f $74,730 Click Here
Shan Riches Armbro Goal Tripkit Nevele Diamond Unraced $0 Click Here
Souffle Hanover Balanced Image Southern Puff Donerail Unraced $0 Click Here
Superior Glide Yankee Glide Wishes Fulfilled Super Bowl Unraced $0 Click Here


Pacing Stallion Shares

Name Sire Dam Grandsire Records Earnings
American Ideal Western Ideal Lifetime Success Matt’s Scooter p,3,1:47.4 $780,055
Art Major Artsplace Perfect Profile Nihilator p,3,1:48.4 $2,727,224
Bettor’s Delight Cam’s Card Shark Classic Wish Armbro Emerson p,3,1:49.4 $2,581,461
Roll With Joe Cam’s Card Shark Classic Wish Armbro Emerson p,3,1:48.2 $1,805,802
Well Said Westerh Hanover Must See Artsplace $2,569,342

Trotting Stallion Shares

Name Sire Dam Grandsire Record Earnings
Conway Hall Garland Lobell Amour Angus Magna Force 3,1:53.4 $682,016
Crazed Credit Winner Mary Lou Hall Mr. Lavec 3,1:52.2 $1,063,059
Credit Winner American Winner Lawn Tennis Armbro Goal 3,1:54.1 $1,495,295
Deweycheatumnhowe Muscles Yankee Trolley Square Speedy Sommoli 3,1:50.4 $3,155,178
Donato Hanover Andover Hall D Train Donerail 3,1:50.1 $2,998,777
Glidemaster Yankee Glide Cressida Hanover Mr. Lavec 3,1:51.1 $1,968,022
Holiday Road Yankee Glide Jambo Tagliabue 3,1:52,4 $426,200
Lucky Chucky Windsong’s Legacy Aerobics Muscles Yankee 3,1:50.4 $2,099,973
Muscle Massive Muscles Yankee Graceful Touch Pine Chip 3,1:51 $1,239,238