Pacing Mares

Name Sire Dam In Foal To: Due:
Ab Fab Western Ideal Lady Ashlee Ann BETTOR’S DELIGHT Barren
Ain’t That Funny Seled N Delivered Fancy Creek Funny ART MAJOR 3/14/2014
B So Lucky Artiscape Hornby Lucky ROLL WITH JOE 3/7/2014
Chattanooga Real Artist Eveninsummerbreeze AMERICAN IDEAL 4/26/2014
Child’s Play Cam’s Card Shark Duck Duck Goose WELL SAID 5/12/2014
Chocolate Art Artiscape White Chocolate AMERICAN IDEAL 5/11/2013
City Delight Bettor’s Delight Western City ART MAJOR 3/30/2014
Evening Jet Jet Laag C’Mon Ashley THE PANDEROSA 2/19/2014
Lovin A Fool Western Ideal Neverhaveneverwill ROLL WITH JOE 3/29/2014
Sugar Sugar Artsplace Speed Dialing ROCKNROLL HANOVER 1/25/2014

Trotting Mares

Name Sire Dam In Foal To: Due:
Abbey Craig Muscles Yankee Garland Bonita R C ROYALTY 4/21/2014
Arch Magic Kadabra Armbro Archer CREDIT WINNER 2/4/2014
Chocolateseduction Chocolatier Seducer Hall LUCKY CHUCKY 4/18/2014
Classact Volo Deweycheatumnhowe Classic Winner DONATO HANOVER 1/25/2014
Diamondsonbroadway Broadway Hall Hadine Angus GLIDEMASTER 3/25/2014
Godiva Hanover Malabar Man Chocolate Layered MUSCLE MASSIVE 5/21/2013
Heavenly Chocolate Chocolatier Hallmarker T DEWEYCHEATUMNHOWE 3/2/2014
Holier Than Thou Cantab Hall Sunday Yankee DONATO HANOVER 2/24/2014
I’m On Cloud Nine Angus Hall Celebrity Angel CREDIT WINNER Barren
Marion Michelle Broadway Hall Sofia Letsgo CREDIT WINNER 2/9/2014
Mauresmo Windsong’s Legacy Wimbledon DEWEYCHEATUMNHOWE 3/23/2014
Melrose Abbey Muscles Yankee Real Live Woman CRAZED 3/10/2014
Muchness Yankee Glide Armbro Niagara CREDIT WINNER 3/26/2014
Scottish Starlet Angus Hall NY Starlet MUSCLE MASSIVE 3/5/2014
Shan Riches Armbro Goal Tripkit DONATO HANOVER 5/27/2013
Souffle Hanover Balanced Image Southern Puff DEJARMBRO 3/3/2014
Superior Glide Yankee Glide Wishes Fulfilled CANTAB HALL Barren

Pacing Stallions

Name Sire Dam
American Ideal Western Ideal Lifetime Success
Art Major Artsplace Perfect Profile
Bettor’s Delight Cam’s Card Shark Classic Wish
Roll With Joe Cam’s Card Shark Classic Wish
Well Said Westerh Hanover Must See

Trotting Stallions

Name Sire Dam
Conway Hall Garland Lobell Amour Angus
Crazed Credit Winner Mary Lou Hall
Credit Winner American Winner Lawn Tennis
Deweycheatumnhowe Muscles Yankee Trolley Square
Donato Hanover Andover Hall D Train
Glidemaster Yankee Glide Cressida Hanover
Holiday Road Yankee Glide Jambo
Lucky Chucky Windsong’s Legacy Aerobics
Muscle Massive Muscles Yankee Graceful Touch